Adding a custom app for Swell

In order to sync your Swell information to Gladly, you'll need to set up a custom app. To do this, navigate to the Apps page on the Gladly dashboard. From there, add a new custom app and fill out the information outlined below within the app creation page. For additional assistance, see Gladly's documentation for creating a custom integration.

💡 Make sure you have administrator access to your Swell account. This is required to connect Swell to Gladly.

Gladly custom app configuration

From the Apps page, click Add App and select Custom. Within the new Custom App page, enter the following information:

App details and basic authentication

  • Name: Enter a name that will help you identify the Swell custom app.

  • URL: Enter

    • Swell Deep Link URL (optional): If the URL that is shown when viewing an order in Swell follows a different pattern than your base URL, you can specify it here.

  • Username: Your Swell store name

  • Password: Your Swell private key

  • Signing Key: eCkyYJCCFVoaAXoBTEXKBrf0nyhmJq2hOehxakz17ZA

Customer Linking

This area involves establishing both the Search Query Attributes and the Search Results Attributes as outlined below:

Search Query Attributes: There are two columns (Attribute, Label) required for Search Query Attributes. The email/Email attribute is the only attribute you can currently utilize. As of now, only exact search by email is supported to query Swell for matching Profiles. Click Add an attribute to add the following attributes:








First name


Last name


External Customer ID

💡 Don't delete the email attribute or change the Attribute column. Doing so will break the search capability.

Search Results Attributes – There are two columns (Attribute, Label) required for Search Results Attributes. Click Add an attribute to add the following attributes:








External customer ID



💡 We recommend keeping the email attribute. This makes it easier to verify your search results.

Auto-Linking Fields

If a Customer Profile is not currently linked to Swell and auto-linking is enabled, if Swell responds with a unique profile with at least one auto-linking field match and no conflicts, Gladly will automatically link the profiles without any user intervention.

  • Customer Email is currently the only option available that can be used to match a Customer Profile to Swell.

  • Overwrite Existing Values – If enabled, and a Customer Profile is linked to a profile in Swell, Gladly will overwrite the existing name, address, and editable custom attributes in the Customer Profile with data from Swell.

Completing the App

Click Save App once you've entered the information above. An error will appear if required fields are not completed and will be highlighted in red.

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