This payment method facilitated through Paysafe allows customers to pay with pre-paid cards similar to gift cards. These cards are loaded with a balance and used for transactions through the paysafecard payment method.

Enabling paysafecard

To enable this payment method, navigate to your Swell dashboard and select Payments. From there, paysafecard is located in the Alternative methods section. There are two options for enabling this payment gateway:

  1. Sandbox: provides the ability to use the payment gateway within a test environment

  2. Live: allows for the capture of actual payments and real funds

Depending on which option you choose to enable, you will need to acquire the paysafecard API Key respective to either your sandbox account or your live account.

After retrieving your API Key from your Paysafe account, enter it into the corresponding field in the Swell dashboard and press Save. The payment gateway will now be enabled for the selected environment.

Editing the payment gateway

You can change your environment by editing the settings of the gateway—allowing you to switch between test and production environments as needed. You can also disable the payment method altogether by switching the payment method's toggle to the disabled position.

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