The Buy X Get Y discount is a Coupon or Promotion that provides a discount for a product once the customer meets certain requirements with their purchase. For example, if a customer buys three products, they could get the fourth one discounted, or if a customer spends a certain amount, they are then eligible to receive a discount on a certain item.

Swell Buy X Get Y promotion

Creating a buy X get Y promotion

Buy X Get Y will appear as a Discount type when creating a new Coupon or Promotion.

To create this promotion type:

  1. Navigate to the Discounts section of the dashboard.

  2. Choose the type of discount you wish to create; Coupon or Promotion.

    • For coupons, select Single code or Multiple codes. Then fill out the Coupon code/Coupon name and Description fields.

    • For promotions, fill out the Promotion name and Description fields.

  3. In the Discount type selector, choose Buy X Get Y.

  4. Define the eligibility requirements for your promotion in the Customer buys section.

    1. Choose and specify the Minimum Purchase amount or Quantity, and enter the promotion conditions.

    2. Select the product(s) that are eligible for activating the promotion.

    3. Specify the customer discount in the Customer gets section.

  5. Add the Usage limits and Active dates.

  6. Press Save promotion or Save coupon to finalize your discount.

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