Creating a custom printout order template

Add new and edit existing order templates through your Settings. To create a new order template, follow the steps below:

Create an Swell order print template
  1. From the Swell dashboard, navigate to Settings > Orders.

  2. Choose Add template. Alternatively, you can also select Edit to update an existing template.

  3. Enter the desired fields, settings, and styling.

    • On the Preview tab, provide the template name, description, and template body.

    • From the Fields tab, you can designate field labels and you can add/remove fields displayed by selecting the Edit fields toggle at the bottom of the window.

    • Edit and style the print template's HTML to your preference under the Template tab.

    • You can also revert a template to its default format at any time by choosing Revert to default.

  4. Once finished, click Save. If you wish to make the new template the default template, also select Set as default.

  5. Press Save changes in the top right of the Orders settings page. You will now be able to select the added print template in the print options for an order.

Printing an order template

Printing an order template is done through the order itself. To print an order template, follow the steps below:

Print a Swell order template
  1. Navigate to the Orders tab from the Swell dashboard.

  2. Select the order you would like to print.

  3. Click the Actions drop-down in the top right and select Print order.

  4. Choose the desired template and click Print.

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