Our new Slack integration gives you access to your Swell dashboard information—all from within Slack itself. Once you have successfully synced Swell to your Slack account, you can set up notifications for events and fetch information relating to orders, customers, and products.

There are two features within this integration:

  • Events: Slack notification messages triggered by an event on Swell

  • Commands: Slack commands used to retrieve desired information

    Swell bot orders updates in Slack

Adding Swell to Slack

To add the Swell bot to your Slack workspace, it is recommended that you are signed in to Slack before proceeding through the integration process.

Connecting to your workspace:

  1. From the Swell dashboard, navigate to Integrations.

  2. Find the Slack tile, select Enable, and click Connect to Slack.

  3. Once you are redirected to Slack, ensure the desired workspace is selected from the drop-down in the top right.

    Slack workspace dropdown Swell integration

  4. Choose the channel you wish to add Swell's slack bot to from the drop-down in the Where should Swell post? section. Then press Allow to add the integration.

    Note: Once you have assigned a channel for the Swell bot, you will be able to use the Swell commands in any Slack channel within your workspace. The enabled notifications will only be posted within the channel you select.

    Enabling Swell bot to Slack workspace


Events are real-time updates provided to you in Slack by our Swell bot when certain actions occur within Swell. The notifications are sent automatically when the notification criteria are met. Our events cover most aspects of your store and can be customized by clicking Settings on the Slack integration tile in the dashboard's Integrations tab.

Enabling Swell events on Slack

Choose to receive Slack updates for events relating to:

  • Accounts

  • Carts

  • Categories

  • Contacts

  • Products

  • Orders

  • Invoices

  • Subscriptions

  • Shipments

  • Sett

  • Coupons

  • Promotions

  • Pages

  • Payments


Use commands to fetch information from your Swell dashboard within Slack for quick access to your Swell data. Retrieve information for your orders, customers, or products by typing one of the following commands into your Slack message window.

Swell commands in Slack


/swell.order [number]

Fetching an order will display:

  • Customer

  • Payment

  • Fulfillment

  • Tracking

  • Total price


/swell.customer|account [name|email]

Fetching a customer will display:

  • Customer name

  • Customer email

  • Customer account balance

  • Order count

  • Total order value

  • Last login date


/swell.product [id|slug]

Fetching a product will display:

  • Name

  • Stock

  • Variants

  • Stock per variant

  • Price

  • Slug

  • SKU

  • Last updated

Whether receiving updates or making a query through Slack, this integration will assist in tracking changes on Swell in a centralized location.

Find resources for connecting with our other supported integrations, here.

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