Zapier automation workflows open endless possibilities for customization within your store due to its vast library of 3000+ app integrations. Zapier's Zaps are constructed lists of steps or functions that take an input and return an output.

Connecting Zapier and Swell

For this integration, the connection will be made via your Zapier account. To gain access to our Swell Zapier integration:

  1. Navigate to the Zapier tile on the Integrations tab on the dashboard.

  2. Click Learn more → to be redirected to Zapier.

  3. Ensure you are logged in to the Zapier account you wish to use.

  4. Accept our Swell Commerce integration invite.

This will add it to your Zapier list of available apps for building Zaps.

Swell Zapier invitation

Once added, you will then need to sign in to your Swell account via the prompt when creating a new Zap.

Automated workflows

Zaps are made up of two key parts: events and actions. Events are what set things in motion, and actions are specified to occur when a particular event has taken place. These cause-and-effect workflows can help you automate many common processes.


Every Zap starts with an event—provided by a either webhook or an API call. These are the first step in every process. Swell-specific events are available for use within Zapier and include a variety of starting points. Begin your workflows with any of the following Swell events:

  • New customer

  • Updated customer

  • New order

  • Updated order

  • New paid order

  • New cancelled order

  • New product

  • New abandoned cart


To turn events into actions, you need to define the actions in a form. These are created within the Zapier Input Designer. Zapier actions push or put new data into apps through API calls that pass data from input fields. Every action additionally returns output fields detailing what was created, and that data can be used in subsequent steps to build detailed workflows.

Note: Zapier does not allow action steps to delete or remove data, to prevent data loss. Action steps may only add or update data.


Pairing Swell with Zapier allows you to accomplish a variety of automated processes for your business. Here are some ideas for how you might apply Zapier within your store:

  • Update contacts with an abandoned cart event in Intercom and send an email to the customer through MailChimp

  • Send a personalized SMS whenever there's a new order in Swell

  • Add new customers to MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Autopilot, or other marketing apps whenever there are new paid orders in Swell

Creating Zaps with Swell events

Now that you've added Swell Commerce to your App Events, you have access to use the events outlined above. To create a workflow with one of your Swell store's events:

  1. Select Make a Zap from your Zapier dashboard.

  2. In the Trigger window, search and select Swell Commerce.

  3. Choose the desired event from the Trigger Event drop-down, and click Continue.

    Creating Zap with Swell event

    • Note: You may need to sign in to your Swell account from the trigger window before proceeding.

      Zap sign in to Swell

  4. Proceed to define the Action(s) you wish to take place whenever the event is triggered.

  5. After defining the Action(s), ensure the Zap is toggled to On via the On/Off toggle in the top right.

You should now see this Zap located in your Zapier dashboard for use.

Find resources for connecting with our other supported integrations, here.

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