Optimize your store's search and discovery by syncing your Swell data with Algolia's search tools. Once you've connected Swell to Algolia, you can implement a variety of different search functionalities and choose from Algolia's pre-built UI fields for your Swell store. Algolia will seamlessly index your Swell data for products, categories, and custom content to provide quick, accurate search results in your storefront.


Use Algolia's API and production-ready UI library to customize the search interface of your Swell storefront. InstantSearch allows dynamic results and features filtering and sorting for refining results—all while executing with lightning speeds.


Offer customers autocomplete experiences with a dynamic search interface that provides real-time suggestions for customer inputs. Autocomplete assists with content discovery and seamlessly utilizes InstantSearch for further customization.

Connecting Swell to Algolia

To integrate your Algolia account with Swell, you will need two things from Algolia: your Application ID and your Admin API key.

Swell integration Algolia key

To activate the Algolia integration:

  1. Navigate to Integrations from the Swell dashboard.

  2. Locate the Algolia integration tile, and select Enable.

  3. From the pop-up modal, click the link to access your Algolia API keys.

  4. Copy and paste the Application ID and Admin API key, then click Save.

Swell Algolia integration Enabled

Upon successful integration, you will see a green Enabled badge on the Algolia integrations tile. You can now use your Swell data in Algolia.

Find resources for connecting with our other supported integrations, here.

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