Customers can pause and resume their subscriptions based on criteria specified under the Subscriptions settings. Paused subscriptions will now be displayed in the Paused tab in the Subscriptions tab.

Enabling pause options

Options for pausing subscriptions are accessed from the Swell dashboard.

Customize your subscription pause and resume options by:

  1. Navigating to Settings > Subscriptions from the Swell dashboard.

  2. Choose the desired options and set their parameters.

  3. Press Save changes.

Swell subscriptions pause and resume settings

Once you finalize your subscription's Pausing options, customers will be able to pause their active subscriptions from their accounts within the storefront.

Swell Origin theme pause subscription

Manage subscription pausing settings (orders detail page)

Swell admin can also pause a customer's subscription from the dashboard.

To pause a subscription from the dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Subscriptions tab in the Swell dashboard.

  2. Select the subscription you wish to pause or resume.

  3. Click Actions in the top right and select Pause subscription or Resume subscription:

    • For Pause subscription, choose Pause indefinitely or Skip next cycle.

    • For Resume subscription, choose either Resume immediately or Resume on date and select the date for which to resume the subscription.

  4. Click the red Pause or Resume button to save your selection.

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