Sending an invoice

For customers who have yet to make a payment for their order, you can now issue order invoices to prompt them to complete the payment.

To send an invoice

  1. From the dashboard navigate to Orders.

  2. Select the unpaid order for which you want to send an invoice.

  3. Click on Actions in the top right and select Send invoice.

  4. Ensure the information is correct for Email address, Notification locale, and Email subject.

  5. Press Send.

Invoice settings

Along with the ability to send customers invoices, you can also adjust your invoice to suit your store's needs.

To customize your Settings > Notifications and selecting Draft order invoice. An editing window will open for your invoice with several tabs: Preview, Fields, Template, Settings, and Test email. Each manages a particular aspect of your invoice and can be adjusted as desired.

  • Preview: Displays a preview of your invoice and reflects any changes you make within the editor window. You can designate the subject line for your invoice here.

  • Fields: Create new field and manage existing text within your invoice.

  • Template: Adjust the format and styling of your invoice's HTML.

  • Settings: Designate an email to send the invoice from or BCC additional email address—both are optional.

  • Test email: Send a test invoice to a specified email address. Simply enter the desired email you wish to send a test invoice to and click Send.

Once you have changed the invoice to your liking, press Save. You can also reset the invoice to its default state by clicking Revert to default. This will remove any changes that were made to the invoice.

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