Expanding localization features

Swell's storefront now supports localization and offers language options in the storefront editor. Here you can create and manage multi-language localization for all aspects of your store. To begin editing your storefront's language options, ensure that you have them enabled. To learn more about enabling this feature, refer to this article before proceeding.

With multi-language enabled, proceed to Storefront > Theme and select the Customize button. Here you will see the Language option within the settings panel on the left.

Clicking Language will expand the editing menu for different areas within your store. Choosing an area displays the individual options for each page's localization options.

Before jumping into editing, select the desired language for edits. This will allow you to see your localization changes in real-time. In the example below, we will be editing the Search page's localization for Spanish in our Origin theme.

Once we have the language selected in the preview window, we also need to enable it in the editor window as illustrated below. If you do not see localization fields for a particular language, make sure you have it checked in the editor field from the dropdown above the editor menu.

From there, you can navigate to the page you wish to add localizations to in the preview window. Upon filling in the localization fields on the editor, you will see your edits reflected within the preview–allowing you to see the updates as you make them.

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