Contentful is a content management system that aggregates, structures and delivers content across an organization’s digital footprint. It has flexible APIs that enable businesses to build engaging experiences across markets and channels.


  • Link your products on Swell to your Contentful entries

  • Browse your products on Swell from Contentful

  • Preview selected products in Contentful

How to use the app

Step 1: Navigate to Swell app in the Contentful Marketplace and click on install now.

Step 2: Choose where to install the app.

Step 3: Click on Authorize access.

Step 4: In Swell, navigate to the Settings tab and click on API keys.

Step 5: Copy your store ID and paste it back in the store ID field in Contentful.

Step 6: Navigate back to Swell and click on Add public key. Then hit Create.

Step 7: Copy and paste your public API key and paste it back in the API key field in Contentful.

Step 8: Click on enable variant selection.

Step 9: Click install in the top righthand corner.

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