TaxJar is a cloud-based automation platform for sales tax calculations, reporting, and filing. TaxJar provides real-time tax calculation using tax content from more than 20,000 online sellers and merchants across the world.

Follow the below steps to integrate TaxJar into your Swell store.

Activate TaxJar

You can activate the TaxJar integration by navigating to the "Integrations" tab from the "Settings" sidebar option.

Click the "Enable" button on the TaxJar box.

You will be required to enter your API token. Sign up for an TaxJar account if you haven't already completed this step.

To note: We recommend testing the integration using a Live API token, because TaxJar sandbox mode doesn't actually calculate taxes, it just returns a valid JSON response. Additionally, TaxJar sandbox doesn't store transactions.

Navigate to TaxJar API to get your API token.

Click "Generate API token." You can use a "live" token or a "sandbox" token for testing.

Copy the token and paste it in the field in Swell.

Once you've pasted the API token in the field, click "Enable."

Assign an TaxJar system tax code to an item

Swell store owners can also use TaxJar to assign tax codes to products by completing the following steps.

Step 1: Navigate to the products tab

Click the "Products" menu from the left sidebar on your Swell dashboard.

Step 2: Select the product you wish to edit

Step 3: Enter the system tax code

Enter the applicable TaxJar in the tax code field and click the "Save product" button once you're finished.

To see a listing of all available TaxJar tax codes, click (

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