You can configure multiple currencies to allow customers to view product prices in the currency of their choice. Only currencies enabled by you will be visible to customers in a storefront.

Note: As of this writing, additional currencies can only be used for display purposes. An upcoming enhancement will include support for products to be specifically priced in different currencies.

On the frontend, a storefront may use Swell.js to display configured currencies, and when selected, use a method to format and convert prices to one of those currencies. Display conversion is performed using exchange rates provided by Swell, which are updated daily from data.

Enabling multi-currency

Navigate to Settings > General and find the link to Enable multi-currency under the heading Currencies and weights. Clicking this link will enable settings for your base currency and reveal a new action labeled Add currency.

In the Add currency window, you may customize the number of decimal digits to use in formatting, and a label optionally used in a storefront to represent the currency selection. Disabling a currency will hide it from the storefront.

Once multiple currencies are configured, it's possible to change the your base currency using the Set as default action from the Edit window. Be cautious about changing your store's base currency once live orders are being submitted, as new records including orders and products will be denominated in the new base currency without affecting existing ones.

To disable multi-currency, remove each of the configured currencies one by one.

Swell Checkout notice

When a storefront uses Swell.js to manage currency selection, carts associated with an active customer session will automatically be tied to the chosen currency, causing Swell Checkout to display prices accordingly. In addition to converting prices for display, a notice is rendered to indicate that the customer's payment method will be charged in the amount of the base currency.

Example: If your base currency is set to USD and a customer chose to display prices in EUR, Swell Checkout will display a notice under the cart total with the text "Your payment method will be charged USD $19.95".

It's important to inform users of the actual total in your base currency, as their payment method may be charged a fee by their payment provider for performing a currency conversion.

Note: If your storefront uses a custom checkout, it is strongly advised to add a similar notice to your interface so that customers are aware of the difference.

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