Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses featuring powerful email and SMS marketing automation.

Your Klaviyo account can be integrated into your Swell account by following the below steps.

Activate the Klaviyo integration

Within your Swell dashboard, select "Integrations" from admin settings on the left.

Next click the "Enable" button on the Klaviyo option.

A pop-up will appear asking you to connect your existing Klaviyo account by adding your Klaviyo API keys.

These keys can be found within your account settings. If you do not have an existing Klaviyo account, then you will need to create one. Once the keys are entered select "Enable" to connect your Klaviyo account to your Swell store.

Data synced with Klaviyo

Below is a list of the data that will begin to sync from Swell to Klaviyo once connected.

Checkout started

  • This event is triggered when a customer enters their contact and shipping information within the Swell checkout process and clicks continue, or has added an item to the checkout while logged into their account, and proceeds to the checkout page.

Abandoned checkout

  • This event is triggered when a customer abandons their cart during the checkout process.

Order submitted

  • This event is triggered when a customer completes the checkout process and creates an order.

Order fulfilled

  • This event is triggered when an order is marked as fulfilled.

Order canceled

  • This event is triggered when a customer cancels a order before fulfillment.

On site behaviors

To enable the on site behaviors (JavaScript Track API) view Klaviyo documentation.

The JavaScript Track API allows for the tracking of the following:

  • Active on Site - When someone visits your website

  • Viewed Product - When someone views a product

  • Added to Cart - When someone adds an item to their cart

  • Started Checkout - When someone lands on the checkout page

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