Choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions and trial plans for your products. You can access your subscriptions by selecting the Subscriptions field within the navigation menu.

Viewing subscriptions

Store owners can view and manage subscription orders under Subscriptions > All subscriptions.

  • The All subscriptions tab shows all of the subscriptions customers have ordered. This will be blank for Swell store owners who have yet to create a subscription.

  • The Active tab contains any subscriptions that are currently active and being fulfilled.

  • The Trial tab lists all users taking advantage of a trial period.

  • Canceled and Past due tabs show which subscriptions have been canceled or require payment.

Creating subscription plans

To create a subscription, you will need to create a Subscription plan. This will be where you manage your subscription details like price, description, subscription intervals, and attributes.

Navigate to Subscriptions > Plans and select New plan on the top right to begin.

Creating a subscription plan follows a similar process to creating a new product–add images, information, and additional fields. Fill out the information according to the specifications of your subscription.


Here is where you will designate the categories for your subscription. Similar to product categories, this determines how the subscription is grouped and where it is found within your storefront.

Swell subscription categories

Subscription pricing

You can set subscription intervals and pricing under the Subscription pricing section. Specify the interval, price, trial period, and description based on your plan.

Swell subscription pricing

Subscription options and variants

Adding additional options to your subscriptions will populate the variants fields for you. Select Add option to create a new option.

Add a name for the option and choose its type:

  • Select

  • Toggle

  • Short text

  • Long text

The type will determine how the user interfaces with the option. For example, a Select type will provide a set of choices for the user to pick from. The text options can be made mandatory by enabling the Required slider.

Click the Save button when you are finished to finalize the custom options. Once saved, the options will also populate the subscription's variants.

Related products and Content fields

You can enable related products for your subscriptions and manage additional options relating to up-sells and cross-sells by activating the Related products toggle.

The content fields are where you can provide the description and page title for the subscription along with tags and additional fields for metadata.

Physical and digital subscription types

There are also two different types of subscriptions: physical and digital.

For physical product subscription plans:

  1. Enable the This plan contains physical products toggle

  2. Proceed to the Subscription items section that appears

  3. Select Add plan item

  4. Find the product via search, specify the quantity of the item, and click Save

For digital product subscription plans:

  1. Leave the This plan contains physical products option disabled

  2. Customers will be invoiced but there will be no order to fulfill

Swell physical product subscription

Manually adding subscriptions to an order

Subscriptions can be added manually to orders from the individual order page by following these steps:

  1. Click Add items under the items section and a pop-up menu will appear.

  2. Select the subscription, the quantity, and any applicable variants you wish to add to the customer's order.

  3. Click Save to add the subscription to the order.

Manually add a swell subscription to an order

After payment, the subscription will begin and invoices are automatically generated based on the subscription's settings. You will also see the new subscription reflected on the All subscriptions page.

Storefront subscriptions

The Swell storefront now offers users the ability to manage their subscriptions from their profile. After signing in to their account, they can access their subscription settings and make desired changes to their subscriptions.

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