Mailchimp is an email marketing software that allows you to collect email addresses, send out newsletters, and stay in touch with customers.

Your Mailchimp account can be integrated into your Swell store by following the below steps.

Activate the Mailchimp integration

Click the settings tab on the left sidebar of your Swell dashboard and select "Integrations."

Next click the "Activate" button next to the Mailchimp box.

A popup box will appear asking you to connect an existing Mailchimp account.

Log into your Mailchimp account on the following page by entering a username and password.

Choose which audience you'd like to integrate with and select the save button once you're finished. You will then see a confirmation on the integrations page that your Mailchimp account is successfully connected.

Switching lists and accounts

If at any time you wish to change which list or Mailchimp account is integrated with your Swell store, you can do so by clicking "Edit settings."

Click the audience drop-down menu to select a different list or alternatively choose "Switch Mailchimp accounts" to log into an entirely different Mailchimp account.

Adding and removing customers from a list

When a customer is created or updated on your Swell store with the email_optin flag set to true, their email will be automatically entered into the connected Mailchimp list.

Additionally you may enable or disable the "Customer accepts email marketing" option on individual contacts to add or remove them from the list you've integrated.

Click the save button once you are finished editing the contact's information to confirm the change.

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