This section of your Swell store settings covers everything about the checkout, from its design to forms and more.

Checkout style customization

To change the style of your checkout page, click the “Customize checkout” button.

This will take you to the storefront customization page. Here you can add a logo, change the colors, and fonts of the checkout page.

Customer login

Swell store owners have the choice between making accounts mandatory, disabled, or optional. You can choose any of these three, and click the save button to finish your changes.

Email opt-in

During the checkout process, an email opt-in appears asking customers if they'd like to be added to your newsletter. This is a passive way to grow an email list that you can use for marketing purposes. There are options to opt-in by default, opt-out by default, or disable and hide the opt-in.

Form fields

Optimizing the checkout form can help speed up the process of getting customers through the funnel. You can quickly do this by editing the form options, making certain fields required, optional, or disabled.

Checkout scripts

Swell store owners can add JavaScript code to their checkout by pasting code into the Checkout scripts field. This is ideal if you wish to add extra functionality or effects.

Refund policy

Having a refund policy ensures that both you and your customers are protected. The goal of a refund policy is to benefit both parties. Here are a few best practices to follow:

  1. Include a section on returns: Write a section that covers what the rules are for returns, including how many days the customer has in order to return an item, if they have to pay for return shipping etc.
  2. Include a section on refunds: What are the necessary circumstances for a refund to be issued? Do you offer store credit? These are things to consider when writing a refunds section.
  3. Include your business address: While you might list your business address in the footer or other areas of your website, also include it in the refund policy.

Privacy policy

Please see the Privacy Policy article for more details on best practices and what to include in your own policy.

Terms of service

Please see the Terms or Service article for more details on best practices and what to include in your Terms.

Gift cards

The gift card settings allows you to change the gift card pattern and set auto expiration.

You can change gift card patterns by entering your own in the “Gift card code pattern” field. 

If you wish to set gift cards to expire after a certain amount of time, enable it and choose a specific date.

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