Where your business operates and where your customers are located will change how you tax them. Swell simplifies this process with easy tax rules and calculation options. 

Adding Tax Rules

You can add a new tax rule by selecting the “Add tax rule” button.

Enter a name for the tax rule and if you would like to apply it to shipping or particular categories.

Click the “Add rates” button afterwards to set the tax rate for an individual country, state, or province.

US Taxes

To create tax rates for your US customers, add a rate to a new rule and select “United States” along with a state. Enter the tax rate and save it.

Non-US Taxes

Non-US tax rates can also be created by selecting the desired country and applying the correct tax rate.


Store owners from the United Kingdom are required to collect value added tax (VAT) on their sales. You can add VAT by creating a new rule, selecting “United Kingdom” and adding the 20% rate.


Just like the United States, Canadians pay different sales tax rates depending on which province they are from. Canadian Swell store owners must collect sales tax at these rates. 

To set provincial sales tax rates, begin by making a new rule. Select to add a new rate and enter the appropriate information for that province.

Click the save button once you’re finished.

Product-Specific Taxes

Product categories can also be given specific tax rules. To begin, create a new tax rule and select the category from the search bar.

Select the “Add rate” button on the bottom left of the popup window to set the rates and other information.

Calculation Options

You have the option to set your product and shipping prices to include tax.

The “Product prices include tax” option should be enabled if you set the prices of products to include tax.

The “Shipping prices include tax” option is for store owners that include shipping rates within their product prices. 

Click the “Show advanced options” button to view the following options.

Using Avalara for Automated Tax Calculations

You can integrate many third party tools to add extra functions and features to your Swell store. 

One third party tool is the tax software Avalara AvaTax which can be enabled via the integrations page on your Swell admin dashboard.

Read our guide to integrating and setting up Avalara AvaTax on your Swell store to learn more.

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