Settings that affect your entire Swell storefront can be managed from the “Settings” tab on your storefront dashboard.

Disabling the storefront password

To prevent users from landing on your website before it’s ready, there is a password enabled to access it. When you're ready to launch your Swell store, you can disable the password by selecting the “Disable password” button.

Homepage title and meta description

The Homepage title tag and meta description helps both users and search engines determine what your website is about. These should be edited to include keywords and clearly explain what customers can expect by visiting your Swell store.

Analytics and tracking

Swell store owners can add custom scripts, such as Google Analytics, to the “Global scripts” field.

You can also add a Facebook pixel ID if you use Facebook ads for re-targeting and tracking campaigns.

Adding a custom storefront and checkout

If you wish to add an external storefront or checkout, you can do so from the “Custom storefront” and “Custom checkout” sections.

Enter in the URL of the custom store you own and click the “Save changes” button.

Enabling the custom checkout button will not prompt a URL, but rather will change the checkout settings when you customize the storefront.

Adding SSH keys

Developers can add SSH keys to gain access to gain external access to the store’s API. Simply click “Add SSH key” and fill out the required information.

Select the blue "Add" button when you are satisfied with your settings.

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