Attributes are custom pieces of information you can display on product pages.
Navigate to the “Attributes” page from the Swell sidebar to begin creating an attribute.

Creating new attributes

You can create new attributes to assign to products by clicking the “Create attribute” button.

Products that are already assigned attributes will be displayed if you click the attributes name.

Step 1: Assign a name and an ID

The name of the attribute is visible to both Swell store owners and customers on your live store.

The ID is only visible to developers who require it for coding. Both can be set from entering text into the Attribute name and Attribute ID fields.

Step 2: Select a type

There are several attribute options you can choose from, allowing you to customize the product page even more. This also enables you to offer products such as embroidered items or other custom elements.

Select one of the types from the dropdown menu and fill out the required information. The fields will change depending on which option you choose.

If you do not want the attribute visible, simply click the “Visible” button to disable it. 

You can make the attribute required in order to add the product to cart by clicking the “Required” button below it.

Once you’re finished, hit the “Save attribute” button in the top right.

Visible and hidden tabs

You can view whether any attributes are visible or hidden by clicking their respective tabs on the attribute dashboard page.

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