You can add and edit products by navigating to the “Products” page from your Swell dashboard.

This page will display a list of all of your current products and has separate tabs for:

  1. Active products
  2. Inactive products you’re working on
  3. Product bundles
  4. Out of stock items

Let's begin by covering how to add products to your store.

Adding products

You can add a new product by clicking the blue “New Product” button on the top right of the products page.

Step 1: Enter a title and description

The first step to creating a product is writing a detailed title and description.

Take advantage of the Swell toolbar, where you can bold or italicize text, add images, create tables, and add other elements. 

Step 2: Add product images

You can upload photos of a product by clicking the “Upload Images” button.

Step 3: Set the category and tags

You can select categories you’ve created, which you can learn more about here, by typing in its name.

You can also type in relevant keywords for the product and hit enter to add them as tags.

Step 4: Set the price

You can set standard pricing and sale prices by entering numbers into the first two fields under “Pricing.”

In order for the sale price to display, you must enable the "On sale" button. 

If you sell wholesale and what to set specific pricing rules, click the “Add price rule button.”

Step 5 (Optional): Add a variant

Swell features product variations for items that have different options like sizes and colors. You can add a variant by clicking the “Variations” button to enable this feature and entering an option along with a value.

You can add more variations by selecting “Add option” and repeating the same process.

Step 6 (Optional): Add a custom option

A unique feature of Swell that you won’t find anywhere else is the use of custom options on product pages. These include text fields, checkboxes, drop-downs, and other tools to increase customization.

You can add a custom option by enabling it below variants.

Click “Add custom option” and a popup window will appear.

You can choose the type of option from the right drop-down menu and assign it a name. Below this is where you will edit the details.

Enabling the “Required” option will make it mandatory for customers to complete or they won’t be able to add it to cart.

Step 7 (Optional): Add up-sells and cross-sells

You can generate more revenue by up-selling and cross-selling related products. To take advantage of this Swell feature, enable the “Related products” feature.

When you click the “Up-sells” option, a window will popup where you can enter the name of related products that will appear on the original product page. 

You can also choose the “Cross-sells” option to add products with a discount

Your product page should look like this after you’re finished.

Step 8: Search engine optimization

Swell makes it easy to edit your search engine listing to help increase organic traffic to your product pages. Here’s how.

Set a title tag

The title tag appears at the top of a search listing and should accurately describe the product while preferably including a keyword.

Create a meta description

The meta description is displayed under your search listing and should be used to entice users to click through to your store. 

Set an SEO friendly URL

Swell’s natural URL structure is SEO friendly and easy to read for customers. You can edit the URL for any product by entering in a new name, with dashes as spaces, and clicking the save button.

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