Swell offers the ability to both import and export customer lists from the dashboard. Access these actions from the Customer section—located to the left of the New customer button.

Note: In order for these features to show, be sure that you have at least one customer created for your store.

swell customer dashboard import and export

Importing a customer list

You can import a customer list to your Swell store either through CSV or JSON.

Note: If you would like a template of either a CSV or JSON file for upload, you can download a template from the Import pop-up window.

To import a customer list:

  1. From the dashboard navigate to the Customers page.

  2. Select Import.

  3. Choose the file type you wish to import: CSV or JSON.

    • For the CSV template, click can Download the sample CSV file.

    • For JSON, make sure your file has the JSON extension.

  4. Press Choose file and select the desired file for upload.

    • OPTIONAL: check Overwrite existing customers to replace customer records that already exist in your store with the instance of that record in your file.

  5. Click Upload.

  6. Review the imported customer entries to confirm accuracy, then click Import.

  7. You will receive a summary of imported customers. To complete the process, press Close.

You will now be able to view and manage your customers within your Swell dashboard.

Exporting a customer list

Similarly to importing a customer list, you can also export your customers in either the CSV or JSON format.

To export a customer list:

  1. From the dashboard navigate to the Customers page.

  2. Select Export.

  3. Choose either All customers or Current page.

    • All customers will export your entire customer list

    • Current page will export only the customers currently visible on the page.

  4. Choose your preferred format: CSV or JSON

  5. Press Export to download the file.

  6. Once you have the file, you can press CLOSE. You can also restart the download the file should you need to.

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