In some cases, orders may need to be created manually in the dashboard. This can be helpful for several reasons:

  • Sending a customer a custom or private order.

  • Selling products wholesale or at a discounted rate.

  • Taking pre-orders before the launch of your product.

  • Fixing mistakes on orders, whether it was on your behalf or the customer.

  • You accepted payment via another method, such as in-person or over the phone, and need to create the order from scratch.

Creating an order manually

Create order manually in the Swell dashboard

You can create an order in the dashboard by going to the Orders section of the left-hand nav bar.

To create a new order:

  1. From the Orders section, click the New order button in the top right.

    Note: If you do not have any orders yet and are creating your first order, click Create order in the center of the Orders window.

  2. Add the items to the order by selecting Add items.

  3. Assign the order to the customer by selecting Add customer.

    Note: You can choose an existing customer or create a new customer profile. You will need to fill out a new customer's information before proceeding.

  4. Add the items to the order by selecting Add items.

  5. Enter the payment method under Add payment.

  6. Add notes for the order as necessary.

  7. Lastly, your order will initially be created as a draft. To finalize the order, click Submit order. Otherwise, you can save the order as a draft by navigating to Drafts in the top left corner of the draft order.

Draft orders

When creating an order, the order will start off as a draft. All new orders are saved as a draft once a customer is assigned. Draft orders are found under Orders > Draft orders in the dashboard. You can convert draft orders into an active order by opening the draft order and clicking the Submit order button.

Editing orders and draft orders

Access orders and draft orders within the Orders section of the dashboard. Open an order or draft by clicking on it. From here, you can update various aspects of the order:

Editing an order in the Swell dashboard


  • Remove the customer from the order, click the X in the top left corner of the customer field. After removing the existing customer, you can then add a different customer to the order.

  • Update the customer's information, click Edit in the top right corner of the customer field. Here you can update the customer's name, contact details, and their shipping and billing information.


  • Add items to the order within the Items window by selecting + Add item.

  • Apply a coupon or promotional discount to the order with Apply discounts.

  • Update shipping service, shipping rates, or add a custom shipping service under Edit shipping.

  • Remove, update item options and quantities, or add new items Edit items.


  • Make changes to a customer's current payment method or choose a different payment method with Edit payment.

Deleting orders

Orders and draft orders can be deleted individually or in bulk.

To delete an order individually:

  1. From the Orders tab in the dashboard, open the order you wish to delete.

  2. While viewing the order, scroll to the bottom and select Delete order.

  3. To confirm deletion, enter the order number into the text field and press Delete.

Delete a single order in the Swell dashboard

To delete orders in bulk:

  1. From the Orders tab in the dashboard.

  2. Check the select box for each order you wish to delete.

  3. Press the Delete button that appears after selecting orders.

  4. Proceed through the warning prompts to confirm the deletion of selected orders.

bulk delete orders in the Swell dashboard

Order activity feed

The activity feed keeps track of all updates made to an order. Access an order's activity feed by selecting the order. The feed section is below Fulfillment.

Swell order activity feed

Activity feeds monitor various changes to an order, including:

  • Item updates or changes

  • Billing and Shipping information

  • Track and view notifications

  • Order status

  • Payment status

  • Discounts

  • Shipping status

  • Add notes

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