Before you start selling on Swell, you’ll want to ensure that you have all of the basics covered.

You will see a checklist on the dashboard homepage that will guide you through setting up your store. 

We will briefly touch upon each of these steps and elaborate on them further in the settings section of this user guide.

Set up your storefront

The first step is to optimize the settings of your store, which can be done by clicking the blue “Setup storefront” button. This will take you to the settings area where you can disable the password to launch your store and make other tweaks.

The home page title helps both search engines and customers understand what your store sells. It’s a SEO best practice to place keywords in your title.

The meta description is seen on search engine listings and should include details about what your store and what you sell. It's also a SEO best practice to place keywords in your meta description.

Next you will find two fields to enter global scripts, such as Google Analytics and a Facebook pixel. Simply paste in any code here and click the save button on the top right.

You can enable, disable, and change the store password further down the page. The message displayed to visitors can also be changed.

Having a password enabled is ideal until you want your store to be live.

For Swell users that are interested in taking advantage of a custom storefront or checkout, simply enable them and enter your URL.

You can also add SSH keys by entering the public key and assigning it a name. 

Set tax rules and rates

Taxes can be a complicated part of e-commerce which is why Swell makes it simple. Click the “Setup taxes” button on our dashboard to start creating tax rules and calculation options.

You can learn how to set up taxes in detail under the Settings section of our user guide. This will include VAT, product specific taxes, and more.

Edit your shipping settings

Shipping can be just as complicated as taxes which is why you’ll enjoy how seamless setting it up is on Swell. By clicking the “Setup shipping” button on your dashboard, you will be taken to a page where you can shipping zones, rates, and services.

Customize your theme

Swell’s themes are simple, professional, and made to convert. While they look great out of the box, you can customize them to suit your branding and individual strategies.

You can do so by clicking the “Customize theme” button on the dash.

You can customize everything from the homepage to product pages, the cart, and more. Clicking every tab on the sidebar will give you further settings you can adjust for each area of your store.

Enable payments

Swell supports several different payment gateways and alternative forms of payment for your store. You can begin configuring PayPal, Amazon Pay, the test gateway, and more by clicking “Setup payments” on the dashboard.

Create your first product

You can’t sell online if you don’t have any products to offer. You can effortlessly begin creating products by selecting the “Create product” button. 

On this page, you can add a title, description, images, SKU, and other information. You’ll be learning how to use every feature of the product creation page later in this guide.

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